We are Beyond Eleven

Not your average guitar shop. Amps and axes line our walls, from floor to ceiling. We’re where the old pros go to find hidden gems, and where new players go to find a new, six-stringed friend (four-stringed if bass guitar or ukulele is your thing).

Beyond Eleven started as a small town guitar shop, and now we’re online and an international sensation. Guitars leave our shop to go on world tours and join garage bands. But they never write back. We’re based out of Milwaukee, WI, and have built a solid reputation for offering the best prices and expertise online or anywhere else.

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Our Roots

beyond eleven location

Browse our collection of guitars, amplifiers, effect pedals, accessories, guitar parts... it goes on and on. If you want it, we got it. If we don’t have it, shoot us an email or give us a call, and we’ll find it for you.

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beyond eleven guitars

We have electric guitars for blues rockers and head bangers, bass guitars for rhythm rockers and slap players, and even acoustic guitars. Hendrix and Cobain would have loved us. We have left-handed guitars too!

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The goods

beyond eleven electric guitar

Protect your guitar with a new case and make it louder with a new amplifier. Customize or repair your guitar with new strings and pickups. And let’s not forget effect pedals, tripping us out since our shop opened in 2006.

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beyond eleven guitar speaker

What else do we have? Luthiers! Dictionary definition: a luthier is someone who repairs stringed instruments. But we call him “the wise one,” “the sorcerer” or “the guitar whisperer,” because we have no idea how he does it. Ship or drop off your broken stringed instrument, anything from a banjo to a violin, and he’ll return it as good as new. Customize and upgrade your guitar too.

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Repair center

beyond eleven guitar repair

Music is a passion to everyone at Beyond Eleven. If it’s not, we didn’t hire them. We bring that personal experience you expect from your local music store to the World Wide Web. Join our Discount Club and get the inside track on deals and steals. Ready? Get set. SHRED!

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Beyond Eleven

beyond eleven shred club